Yes BUCK did it again!

On November 30, BUCK announced the winner of their 2018 Pay A BUCK Forward tuition assistance grant for $5,000. This innovative program allows students to eliminate additional loans in exchange for a promise to grant future students a percentage of future income — students funding students!

Tatiana Znayenko-Miller, a graduate student at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Science majoring in integrative medicine, was awarded the grant. From her work with the Ryan White Program, volunteering at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine and her near 4.0 GPA in her undergraduate program, Tatiana is a perfect candidate for our Pay A BUCK Forward educational grant program.

As David Simmons, Consultant for Voya Financial and board member of BUCK explains, “As far as we know, this is the first time a nonprofit outside of the educational space has utilized income share agreements to align pillars of the organization with the passion of students. We hope this will serve as a blueprint for other nonprofits to utilize, thus affecting change at a foundational level.”

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