BREAKING NEWS: Our First Medical Research Grant Awarded!

On Wednesday, October 4 2017, the BUCK Cancer Foundation (BUCK) announced that it has awarded their inaugural medical research grant of $5,000 to Penn Medicine for a feasibility study followed by a randomized trial on the effects of yoga on fatigue, pain, and quality of life in cancer patients with solid tumors undergoing active radiation therapy. Tali (Avital) Mazar Ben-Josef D.M.D, R.Y.T, a researcher in Radiation Oncology in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania who has been working on the yoga trial, elaborates, “Most studies on yoga have been done on breast cancer patients. Penn was the first to do a study on prostate cancer patients and would love to extend the trial to all patients with solid tumors. The grant from BUCK will be used for the first leg of the feasibility trial and will cover the first 10 patients.”