Reiki & A Cancer Survivor

My name is Diane Radliff and I am a 25 year ovarian cancer survivor. My story of how I beat cancer began with a Reiki treatment my favorite aunt gave me as a gift.  Twenty five years ago Reiki wasn’t well known so I experienced Reiki without knowing anything about it. I later learned that Reiki is an ancient healing technique that uses universal energy to accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

When I went for the Reiki treatment I wasn’t sure I really wanted to live, I was in a bad marriage, I was weak and sick, and my only child was away at college, I felt totally alone.  What was there to live for? I knew what the chemo was doing to my body, how toxic it was and how it was depleting my energy more and more each day but I also knew I had to have it.

Melinda, the Reiki practitioner asked me to describe what I was feeling.  I said I feel like I’m in a prickly thicket and everything hurts even my skin.  She told me to try and see beyond the thicket. I had never done any meditation or visualization in my life so this was hard for me to do.  But the Reiki had relaxed me so much I was able to let go and allow my mind to wander. That’s when I saw a pair of eyes with long lashes looking back at me and noticed it had horns.  I realized the animal I was seeing was a giraffe.  She asked me what I would like to do with the giraffe and I said I wanted to get on its head.  In my present state of mind I figured if I fell off and died, so what. 

What happened next changed my life forever.  When I envisioned myself on the giraffe’s head I saw the horizon and I knew lying on that Reiki table that I was going to LIVE, not die from the toxic chemo or the cancer and that my body would now produce perfect new cells.  I saw the horizon and a new life.

When Melinda placed her hands on me I felt my body begin to relax, my pain lessened and I began let go of the fear, anxiety and grief I was holding on to. Most people aren’t aware of the grief factor that accompanies cancer.  I had lost all my feminine organs, my femininity, what made me a woman and I needed to grieve that loss in order to heal my body completely.  During that first Reiki treatment my body released a lot and I got off the table feeling like a new person.

Melinda also asked me what I wanted from this healing, I had no idea.  After some thought, I said I wanted to keep my hair on my head during the chemo and have the energy to work during the chemo treatments so I could keep my job.

To my surprise that is actually what happened.  My hair did not fall out, even my chemo-therapist was amazed that I did not lose my hair he asked me what I was doing to keep the hair on my head.  I was able to go back to work three days a week between the chemo treatments because I had energy and felt better after each monthly Reiki treatment.

When I got off the table after the Reiki treatment my attitude toward my life was totally changed and I was hooked on Reiki because it had helped me after just one treatment.  I also knew that I had found my new purpose in life, to learn Reiki so I could help fellow cancer survivors –survive! 

I have been a Reiki practitioner for the past 24 years and I have taught Reiki to over 1500 students. I love teaching Reiki, I love giving Reiki treatments, and I love my life, thanks to Reiki!