All In

Hello, my name is Carolyn Israel and I am the Director of Operations for the BUCK Cancer Foundation.  My passion and dedication to the continued growth of this organization is driven by my personal connection with Buck and also my experience caring for family members during their battles with cancer.   My goal is to use my skills and resources to support this foundation in their mission to bring all forms of cancer treatment and research together and provide greater comfort and resources to cancer patients throughout their journey.

Prior to Buck being diagnosed with cancer, I had watched several family members struggle through their chemotherapy and radiation treatments and I often wondered…isn’t there something out there that can help ease their pain or give them more strength to fight?  When Buck began his cancer battle, his sister and my close friend Lori Nonnemaker, went “all in” with her brother, providing all the support and care she could give.  During Buck’s battle, Lori began researching alternative treatments to help her brother fight through the treatment process.  Her research introduced him to acupuncture and dietary changes that provided some relief and put a little pep back in Buck’s step.  Although Buck lost his battle to cancer, a lot was learned during this journey.

Like Lori, I am “all in”!  I want every person who is faced with this disease to have the information and tools they need to evaluate all types of cancer treatments and how they can be used together to provide the greatest comfort to them during their fight to beat cancer!