Life After Buck

One year ago, our four children lost their incredible Dad. I say incredible because he was just that. Buck was a Dad who adored his kids and showed it. He loved his Grace aka "Lovey", his "Jacko", "the Mick", and "Bea Bops".

The kids watched Buck battle cancer for 2 years. He lost a lot of weight and lost his strength due to all of the chemo and radiation he had to endure, and when the cancer started to ravage his liver, his color changed to a jaundice yellow. BUT he never lost his spirit and dedication to the kids.   I wasn't sure how the children would live through losing their dad. It is one of those things you never imagine. It was the unimaginable. There are moments when it still doesn't feel real. He can't be gone... And yet it's been a year now.

I believe he has a strong presence in our lives and always will. I see him in the children and their ways. He is still their dad just working his angle from heaven. A place he believed in with all his heart. Because of the battle he had to endure and his strong faith that heaven was ahead, the children know he is in a better place. Knowing that I think has given them the strength to live their lives with happiness which I know he would have wanted. They know he is watching over them. BUT he is missed beyond words!