Knowing Cancer Professionally and Personally

My name is Krissy Scott.  I am a registered nurse and have been working in the medical field for nearly 20 years.  I am privileged and honored to be on the Board of Directors of the BUCK Cancer Foundation as cancer has definitely affected me professionally but it has also affected me personally.  I met Buck last year as his homecare nurse and unfortunately only got to know him for a few, short months before he lost his battle with cancer.  But in that short time, it became evident to me what an incredible man and fighter he was. In this line of work, you come across and take care of so many patients who are severely ill and out of survival.  You tend to build a wall in an attempt to not get too attached or emotionally involved.  However, every so often one breaks through and Buck was definitely one of those patients.  While I was caring for Buck, my own father was also battling Stage IV colon cancer at the very young age of 65.  Unfortunately he also lost his battle in February of this year.  So, it is very gratifying to be a part of this wonderful Foundation that is focused on not only finding a cure for this horrific disease but also researching the complementary treatments that are available to provide a better means of managing the very difficult side effects from the cancer treatment as well as the cancer itself.  My hope with this Foundation is that we can bring awareness to the disease, its treatment and the many different options that are available to cancer patients.  But most importantly, to better the lives of those battling cancer and the loved ones who are caring for them!!

Krissy and her Dad