A World Where Cancer Patients Don’t Suffer

By Grace Nonnemaker

The reason I wanted to support and be involved with the BUCK Cancer Foundation is because I would love to live in a world where cancer patients don’t suffer. Ideally, I would love to live in a world where cancer doesn’t exist, but at least now, while it does, I would like to help relieve patients who are going through traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. 

Even on my dad’s best days he was suffering. He would have to sit down, he was tired and he was uncomfortable. It wasn’t until his condition worsened that we sought out naturopathic medicines such as acupuncture and changes in diet. As time went on I saw significant changes, he had more energy and was in less pain.

When I realized how this was benefiting my father, it made me wonder how much this would have helped him when he was initially going through chemo and radiation. At a time when he was already feeling stronger, I imagine these naturopathic treatments may have increased his quality of life and given him the energy needed to fight off the disease. 

I want the Foundation to help merge traditional and holistic treatments so that cancer patients have access to every option available for them and have the strength to fight the disease along with the chemo and radiation. My hope is that one day this will also lead to a cure.