The Story of BUCK Cancer Foundation

By Lori Nonnemaker

The story I am about to tell is to help you understand my brother, Buck, and why we created the BUCK Cancer Foundation. First and foremost, my brother was a wonderful man with a great sense of humor. Anyone who met him would tell you so. I was blessed to be Buck’s younger sister (3 year difference) and biggest fan! We went through his battle with cancer together, laughing most of the time and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Now in no way should this story be viewed as a negative statement toward the treatment my brother received. Buck and I loved everyone who treated him and we know they did everything in their power to try and keep him alive. But Buck passed away at the young age of 53 on August 13, 2014 after a two year battle with cancer. We were advised by doctors at Johns Hopkins that the chemotherapy and radiation that Buck received probably extended his life a good 18 months beyond what his life expectancy would have been just 15 years before. The strides made in chemotherapy over the last two decades have been significant and more clinical trials are in process to increase the effectiveness of those drugs. That’s a good thing. However, chemotherapy and radiation tend to leave the human body in a much debilitated state depending on the quantity and frequency of the drugs injected. My brother did everything that his oncologist told him to do. But natural supplements, dietary changes and holistic treatments were never discussed or recommended. It wasn’t until the chemotherapy options became ineffective that my brother and I started to look into more natural approaches to treating cancer.

One of the first things that we realized was that we were on our own when it came to natural treatments for cancer. There were no medical doctors prepared to recommend or prescribe a natural treatment to us and when making inquiry with regards to dosage, we were referred to the manufacturer of the product and received no guidance from the medical community. We did engage a naturopathic doctor to help guide us through the naturopathic world but we were told more than once that she was not treating Buck but simply advising him, which we completely understood. We also engaged an acupuncturist to help with Buck’s pain and overall stress level. None of the naturopathic or holistic treatments were covered by Buck’s insurance.

Within one week of simply increasing his hydration, my brother started to feel more alert and his voice sounded stronger. Within three weeks of changing his diet and receiving acupuncture twice a week, my brother’s “overall suffering” began to lessen and he started to stay ahead of the pain, which was becoming more difficult with just his normal pain medication. It became obvious to us that these natural and holistic methods were benefiting Buck’s highly ravaged body. Unfortunately, we found them far too late to truly help Buck. But it made us wondered how his body would have reacted if we had introduced these methods into his conventional cancer treatment earlier.

And this is why Buck and I decided to create the BUCK Cancer Foundation, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit organization dedicated to seeking and funding opportunities and endeavors that will build a bridge between all viable forms of cancer research and treatment, with one unified goal – to provide greater comfort to cancer patients during treatment while continuing to search for a cure! If you are interested in supporting our mission, please click on the Donate button below.

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