About BUCK Cancer Foundation


BUCK Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to support and fund opportunities and endeavors that build a bridge between ALL viable forms of cancer research and treatment and unite them in one goal: to provide greater comfort to cancer patients during treatment while working toward a cure.  The BUCK Cancer Foundation is focused on Bridging & Uniting Cancer Knowledge.


Our logo was created by Scott Derby Illustrations & Design LLC and represents the “bridge” that BUCK Cancer strives to build between ALL viable forms of cancer research and treatment (natural, holistic, and conventional); moving us “out of the darkness into the light.”  Our mission is to provide a reputable portal of educational resources that cancer patients, caregivers, family, and friends can access to find answers on how certain natural and holistic methods can complement the conventional treatments for cancer.  


The BUCK Cancer Foundation has established three pillars upon which we will provide services.  Our Value Pillars are as follows:

  1. Education - The BUCK Cancer Foundation seeks to provide a reputable portal of educational resources for cancer patients and their caregivers on the complementary effects of natural, holistic treatments on conventional cancer care.  Our goals include providing educational resources through our online presence, through printed materials distributed at oncologists' offices, and through educational seminars hosted by BCF and other similarly aligned organizations.
  2. Research Funding - The BUCK Cancer Foundation seeks to provide funding towards research studies on natural and holistic treatments that can complement conventional cancer care.  Our funding efforts hope to focus initially on our key funding priorities, which are listed below.  We plan to fund our first research study by late 2016 and therefore, most of our fundraising activities in 2015 and 2016 will focus on meeting this objective.
  3. Patient Cost Subsidization - The BUCK Cancer Foundation seeks to provide financial assistance to cancer patients to cover health care costs not covered by insurance.  Natural and holistic treatments can be expensive and are rarely covered by insurance.  


Our initial Key Funding Priorities are those items that were most important and beneficial to our brother, Buck.  Our three Key Funding Priorities for 2015-16 are as follows:

  1. CBD - CBD (cannabidiol) is one of 85 cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa plant, and in March 2014, our brother Buck began taking it.  He purchased it legally over the internet from a company in Colorado that made it from legally imported hemp plants that are high in CBD and low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol ), the compound that causes a high from smoking marijuana.  CBD has no side effects (except for a bad taste, which goes away with a pinch of honey, according to Buck) but has been known to have some positive effects in fighting cancer.  More research studies need to be conducted on CBD but funding has been slow to be provided.  
  2. Diet - The BUCK Cancer Foundation believes encouraging cancer patients to incorporate dietary changes into their lifestyle early on in their cancer treatment can help keep a cancer patient’s immune system strong, which will allow the body to help fight the cancer.  Even though we discovered the benefits of improved diet late in Buck’s illness, his body did react positively to increasing hydration and moving toward a more whole foods, plant-based diet.  He experienced increased energy levels, a clearer mind (less chemo brain!) and a stronger voice.  His mood improved as well.   There have been clinical trials on the Mediterranean Diet and reduced cancer risk but just like other natural and holistic treatments, more research is necessary.
  3. Acupuncture - The holistic treatment that benefited Buck the most was acupuncture.  By May 2014, Buck was 30 pounds below his pre-diagnosed weight, and the rectal tumor had begun to cause extreme pain.  His conventional pain medication wasn’t able to fully control the pain and there were days that the pain meds didn’t even seem to work.  However, once Buck started receiving acupuncture twice a week, he found the pain was more manageable with his conventional pain meds, and his overall suffering seemed to be lessened.  This is why acupuncture is one of BCF’s key funding priorities.


BUCK Cancer Foundation was created on August 13, 2014, when Buck passed away. It was incorporated on September 10, 2014.  BCF is currently based in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, where Buck resided along with his family.  As a new nonprofit organization, our Board is still being finalized.  Below are the key Directors of the BUCK Cancer Foundation:

Lori Nonnemaker - President and Founder

Lori Nonnemaker is a certified public accountant and project management professional and spent over 30 years working in the financial services industry.  Lori graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and is the President and Founder of the BUCK Cancer Foundation (“BUCK”).  Lori was the primary caregiver to her brother Buck during his two-year battle with cancer and based on their experiences was driven to start BUCK to bring awareness, research funding and financial assistance towards complementary cancer care treatments.  Her passion, commitment and determination to make significant change in how we treat cancer in America, are her strongest characteristics that will ensure BUCK is successful in accomplishing its mission.

James F. Peoples, MD, MS - Medical Director

Dr. James Peoples (Jim) was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  He attended Abington Senior High School and then La Salle University where he majored in biology/pre-med.  Jim is a neurocritical care physician at The Reading Hospital & Medical Center in the Department of Trauma Surgery, Division of Critical Care.  Jim completed his internal medicine and neurology training at Temple University Hospital where he served as chief resident of the neurology service from 2011-2012.  Following residency, he completed advanced fellowship training in neurocritical care at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and The Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience in center city Philadelphia.  Jim has always had a sincere interest in cancer research and treatment.  As part of his scope of practice, he directly cares for patients with brain and spinal cord cancer usual at the end stages of the disease.  He has personal ties with cancer.  Jim’s mother died from an aggressive brain tumor while she was very young.  Although he is not a cancer specialist, he feels he can provide a sound medical opinion on topics related to cancer and research.  Furthermore, he will seek to establish professional relationships within the medical community with the intent to advance the mission of the foundation.

Rachel Kagan - Online Communications Director

Rachel Kagan is currently a Digital Producer & Project Manager at Bryn Mawr Communications in Wayne, PA where she oversees the development, creative direction, production, and web distribution of all custom video content. She's also a partner and production consultant at Main Line Creative Partners, a video production company in West Chester, PA. Here she performs a more hands-on role managing and assisting in all areas of production including videography and editing. MLCP also specializes in social media marketing and their team designs and manages social media pages of local businesses, including nonprofit organizations. She's a graduate of Ithaca College and holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a concentration in Video Production. Rachel is an active member of the Advisory Board of the BUCK Cancer Foundation. Rachel's skills include leadership, event coordination, project management, videography, video and photo editing, and graphic design.

Carolyn Israel - Operations Director

Carolyn Israel is currently a Senior Project Manager for Berkley Technology Services in Wilmington, DE specializing in Information Technology.  Over the last four years, Carolyn has successfully led and delivered 20 plus projects for Berkley Technology Services including a datacenter relocation effort, implementation of an IT Service Management Framework (ITIL), and several information security and new technology deployment initiatives. Carolyn is a graduate of Chestnut Hill College and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree.  In 2014 she obtained her ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) Foundations Certification and is currently pursuing her Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification. 

Lorna Lee, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.OM. - Medical Director

Lorna Lee has been practicing acupuncture and Asian medicine for over 20 years. She studied both Chinese and Japanese styles of treatment while earning her Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture. Since graduating with a Masters in Acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1992, she has become accredited in Chinese Herbology, did a clinical internship in Harbin, China, served on the Board of the Acupuncture Society of Pennsylvania, led the movement which created acupuncture licensing in Delaware, served on the Acupuncture Advisory Council in Delaware, is on the faculty of the Won Institute of Graduate Studies as an acupuncture professor, and has been engaged in clinical research at the University of Pennsylvania.  That's a lot - and she still love helping people with acupuncture!

Rachel Bright, ND- Medical Director

Dr. Bright is a Naturopathic Doctor who works in the Philadelphia area. She is the Naturopath for Eat Your Way to Wellness, a concierge holistic medicine practice which is comprised of a team of Dietitians and a Physician’s Assistant. Dr. Bright was born and raised in West Virginia. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science/ Nutrition from Fairmont State University. After completing her BS degree, she studied naturopathic medicine at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine in Washington D.C. Throughout her 7-year program in Naturopathy, she completed 4 years of clinical work at two private integrative medicine practices – Thrive Wellness Center and the National Integrated Health Associates. Dr. Bright graduated with her Doctor of Naturopathy degree in April 2016 and has always had a passion for cancer treatment, since her own grandmother fought breast cancer for over 9 years. During that time, her grandmother treated her cancer using a combination of holistic and conventional modalities and saw how effective the two could be when used together. Dr. Bright works with a small number of patients using laser-focused nutrition, nutraceuticals (repairing the microbiome), functional testing for specific biomarkers that indicate weakness in specific areas of the body, and technology that increases microcirculation in the body. She truly want to help the BUCK Cancer Foundation grow and reach as many people as possible who are battling cancer to make them aware of other effective, complementary treatments available.

David Simmons, CFA, CAIA, EIT - Financial & Risk Management Director

David Simmons currently works as a Senior Quantitative Derivative Associate for the Strategy & Capital Management group at Voya Financial in West Chester.  He also is a founder of Digital Realty LLC, specializing in medium-term executive housing.  He has previously worked for Towers Watson and Vanguard.  In total, he has nine years working in finance and modeling. David is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.  He has his fundamentals of engineering in Electrical Engineering.  He graduated from University of Delaware in 2006 with his Bachelors in Computer Engineering.  Currently he has passed three actuarial exams on his track to an associate actuary. With experience in everything from entrepreneurship and finance, to programming for supercomputers, he hopes to provide a holistic viewpoint as a Director for the BUCK Cancer Foundation.

Jon Schwartz - Director of Market Research & Strategy

Jon has worked with Aeris since its creation in 2004 as a program of Opportunity Finance Network (OFN). Jon has 15 years of experience in standardizing and analyzing financial and portfolio data for a broad range of financial institutions and transactions. Jon oversees the operations team responsible for Aeris’ rating reports and data. Under Jon’s leadership the operations team is responsible for recruiting and scheduling CDFIs for Aeris ratings and data reporting; collecting, spreading and analyzing entity-level financial and performance data; and preparing due diligence materials for financial analysis. In 2014 Jon oversaw the development and launch of a Web-based data and analytic platform—the Aeris Cloud. Prior to Aeris, Jon was a senior associate at OFN where he coordinated data collection efforts, evaluated membership applications, and led several aspects of the Wells Fargo NEXT Awards. Jon worked in the advertising industry and for the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania prior to joining OFN. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in History and Communications.